Teachers Race with Students’ Technology

Teachers Race with Students’ Technology

In Indiana, teachers are finding new methods to helping students learn better with computers. Recently, some schools started providing computers to each student to use, such as tablets and notebooks, aside from textbooks.

Over the weekend, teachers became students themselves by spending time scouring computer screens, keyboarding and surfing, all of them trying to catch up and become advance in terms of classroom computing.

A biology teacher at the Franklin Community High School, Julie Tennell, said that her students were a step ahead of her.  Part of the move, other schools followed suit. In fact, the Johnson County School has joined the effort of providing its students with computers to use. But even with the practice and training, teachers themselves are challenged on how to keep up with students in terms of technology.

She asked many questions at the Google Education Summit on Sunday, hoping of having to be asked only a few questions when back in the classroom.  She admitted that she’s trying to catch up with her students, and this same thing is what five hundreds of teachers across Indiana are challenged on.

The use of technology devices, including tablets and laptops have the potential of putting information on every student’s desk as well as to the potential of assisting teachers in monitoring the progress of their students.

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