Skype 6.0 for Android and iOS gets some major new improvements

Skype 6.0 for Android and iOS has been rolled out by Microsoft with new features and the design has got some major overhauls.The new Skype should be much more user-friendly and intuitive as compared to the previous version, according to the company.

Changes in Skype 6.0 for iOS:

An easy-to-use interface has been accompanied with various new features in Skype 6.0 for iOS. Two new tabs ‘Recent’ and ‘Search’ have been added that will let a user look-up people, conversation or groups. Switching between calls and chat interface has been made easier in the new update, thus users can share content in the middle of an ongoing conversation. For users to respond to messages and calls, Skype 6.0 has introduced new touch gestures.
iPad app of Skype is also getting some new features such as interactive notifications, location sharing and some more.

Skype 6.0 for Android and iOS

Changes in Skype 6.0 for Android:

The design of Skype 6.0 for Android has been revamped, which will be inspired by Google’s Material Design philosophy. It will now get a new floating action button, which will let you read your unread messages instantly. The chat interface is almost the same as before, though it gets a new attachment icon, which will let you easily add multimedia messages, photos and the location to a conversation.

There were no features that would make us feel that there were significant upgrades in Skype 6.0 for Android and iOS. But what is worth noting about the user interface is that when changing Skype’s interface, Microsoft is now better equipped to the unique design style of each platform. It means that on Android a nod has been given to the common features of the Android app like the floating action button and in iOS, swipe gestures dominate. Rather than giving Skype apps across all platforms a similar look, this seems to be a more beneficial path.

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