WhatsApp Has Crossed 900 Million Active Users, Getting Close To Facebook’s Number Of 1.44 Billion

The popularity of WhatsApp is growing day after day. It is because of this reason that Whatsapp has crossed 900 million active users, which is not very far off from its parent company Facebook’s 1.44 billion.

WhatsApp has crossed 900 million active users and Zuckerberg and Koum are happy:

This news was updated by WhastApp CEO, Jan Koum on his Facebook post. It seems possible that Whatsapp might end up crossing Facebook’s active users given the fact that WhatsApp saw a rise of 100 million users since April. Whatsapp has already left Facebook Messenger behind in this department as the Messenger app has 700 million active users, which is 200 million less than Whatsapp’s users.

After coming to know that Whatsapp has crossed 900 million active users, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a follow up post congratulated Jan:

“Congrats to Jan, the WhatsApp team and whole community on reaching 900 million people!”

He even posted this after the previous post:

Whatsapp has crossed 900 million active users
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Since it was acquired by Facebook last year for $19 billion, which was one of the biggest deals in the history of Silicon Valley, WhatsApp has seen a persistent growth. At the beginning of 2015, WhatsApp had 700 million users up from the count of August 2014 of 600 million. Twitter is way behind Facebook, WhatsApp and the Messenger app with just 316 million monthly users and a growth rate of just 3% from the last quarter.

WhatsApp began as a basic messaging app in 2009 with the feature of leaving voice messages. In recent times, it has given both Viber and Skype a run for their money with the introduction of voice calling feature. It is available for almost every mobile platform which is one the reasons that Whatsapp has crossed 900 million active users now.

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