“JAL” Firewall One Solution for all Beta Version Released By Xploit Infotech

JAL is a niche security product for enhancing the Firewall Security. A Firewall refers to a network device which blocks certain kinds of network traffic. It forms a barrier between a trusted and an untrusted network to block the spread of computer attacks. JAL prevents D-DOS attacks. It is world’s first firewall which will make safe itself and change code itself as per attack It has partial artificial intelligence so it will work like human and can be in used so many languages.

This three-layer of security with unique programming and full monitoring system is made in such a way that it can be used to secure websites, Mobile Apps, Desktop Apps, CRM Software, Server and so many others. It will be applied to all IT products of government or private Sector to make it more safe, sound and steadfast.

Today Beta Version Launch By Xploit infotech Team At The End Of This Month

We Get (First) Version Released.

History Of Xploit Infotech Who Discovery This Extreme Secure Firewall

Xploit Infotech is an Indian Company dealing in cyberspace, providing digital and virtual solutions i.e. information technology, cyber security solutions, software engineering and outsourcing services.

The Xploit Infotech was founded by Ketan Ramshawala in 2008 and registered in Surat, Gujarat. Later in 2009, Manish Sharma joined the hands as Co-founder and finally Mr. Mihir Shah joined the team and the team was complete. Xploit Infotech is like any other IT company in its operation, apart from one thing. The Company was started with an aim to provide IT solutions with Security. It was the era when Indian Market, especially Indian Government was facing Cyber Intrusion from neighbour nations. So cyber defence was essential, and that is Xploit Infotech provides as Add-on part from IT services.

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