Spy Cameras: Everything You Should Know Before Buying One

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There are many different reasons for buying a spy camera these days. From keeping an eye on their home to monitoring a family member, people in many different situations find that a spy camera is a big help.

However, there are many different aspects that you might not be aware of. The following are the main points to bear in mind when you start to look for one to buy.

The Different Models

Since the key issue is to avoid anyone suspecting that your camera of spying on them, they need to be designed to look like anything other than a camera. This is why you will see them available in such a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

From pen cameras to cigarette lighter cameras and car keychain cameras, some are designed to be hidden in plain sight without raising any suspicions. Spy cameras designed as portable USB flash drives are another good choice, as you can take one of these little gadgets just about anywhere without getting a second look.

Other models are designed to be hidden out of sight in one fixed location. However, for maximum flexibility a portable camera that looks completely innocent is the best bet.

Think about your habits and which type of camera you could carry without raising any eyebrow. If you don’t drive or smoke then the keychain and cigarette lighter models won’t be great choices, for example.

These different models for hiding in plain sight all tend to work in exactly the same way, although the exact features and specifications will vary from one to the next.

How to View the Footage

There are typically a few different ways to view the footage that you have secretly recorded. For instance, some of the bigger and more expensive spy cameras come with a small display screen on which you can view the images right away.

Most will also support a memory card that the footage can go straight onto. You then just need to attach the camera to the USB port on your computer to view and save the images.

If you want to use it is a webcam to watch live streaming pictures then you will find a number of online tutorials showing you to do exactly this very easily.

How Long Does It Record For?

There are two key factors that determine how long you can record for with your camera. The first one is the battery life that it has.

The last thing that you want is for the battery to die on you just as something interesting looks as though it is about to happen. Of course, the exact use that you plan for your camera will let you work out how long you need it to run for.

In any case, it is always a good idea to keep it fully charged, which is often just a question of plugging it into your computer. Every time that you view the footage you should look to charge the camera fully again.

The other issue is the memory space that it offers. The bigger the internal memory of the camera then the longer it will be able to carry on recording for.

The Quality of the Image Varies

As with any sort of camera, the quality of the images will be largely dependent upon the number of pixels it uses for still images and the type of video that it can record. When it comes to spy cameras, the quality of the results varies widely.

Getting a camera that records grainy, blurry footage is pretty pointless, as you won’t be able to make out much of what is going on. On the other hand, crystal clear images will make it easy to quickly review the footage.

It is worth checking sample images and videos to see how well it records. This will also give you a chance to get used to the controls, which should ensure that you don’t make a mistake the first time that you use it and end up with something that isn’t what you wanted.

The Different Prices

There are many different models of spy camera at widely varying prices these days. These range from incredibly cheap little models that are really just for fun to professional recording equipment that you could use for long term surveillance purposes at commercial premises if needed.

Clearly, the cheaper models will tend to be of poorer quality and may offer a far more limited range of features. Therefore, it is worth spending some time looking into your options before you make your choice.

Getting the ideal spy camera for your needs will give you a great deal of peace of mind. Don’t leave it to chance when it is so easy to make the right, informed decision by considering the points covered here.

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Simon is a technology writer who has spent a lot of time looking into the range of USB spy cameras currently on the market.

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