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January 13, 2016 is the date carefully chosen by K3OPS to officially launch their first revolutionary device. The device converts the energy obtained from ambient electromagnetic radiation in the environment to operate or charge electronic devices like smart phones, tabs and many more. This date will be marked as important

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Xin WEI. Chances are you will always remember this name. Despite all recommendations, he has succeeded in breaking all the fundamental laws, defying mathematics and physics in a quantic way, or should we now recognize that there is officially a ‘Xin WAY’. This 26 year old has just achieved what is considered as

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K3OPS Home Automation System

K3OPS to power IseFeel Home Automation System Goes From Smart To Brilliant With the potential for cost savings in energy and the security that a Home Automation System offers, IseFeel has partnered with K3OPS to provide an autonomous smart home system. This unique system doesn’t require interaction since all sensors work together seamlessly. By implementing K3OPS technology

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