IseFeel and K3OPS Partners in Home Automation System

K3OPS to power IseFeel Home Automation System Goes From Smart To Brilliant

With the potential for cost savings in energy and the security that a Home
Automation System offers, IseFeel has partnered with K3OPS to provide an autonomous smart home system. This unique system doesn’t require interaction since all sensors work together seamlessly.

By implementing K3OPS technology in the core of the IseFeel Home Automation System, it will give the brand a tremendous advantage by eliminating the use of dry cells while also solving the problem of battery replacement.

In order to overcome the problem encountered by all others RF energy harvesting system, the company K3OPS have developed a hybrid system that is not only consider the most common sources such as the WiFi, but they also scavenges from the deep, the very deep.

K3OPS Home Automation System
K3OPS presents IseFeel home automation system using K3OPS RF Energy Harvesting

Zhen ZHANG explained “Perpetual motion is just simply impossible as it would violate the first or second law of thermodynamics sent. It’s impossible to generate power from nothing, you need a source, an external source, and no matter what is the source but this source need to be constant. We had worked on the ultra-low frequencies, let’s take for example DC (Direct current) is when the direction remains constant and alternating current is when it changes periodically.

“By taking into consideration the frequency of an alternating current, in this example, the number of periods per second expressed in hertz (Hz), we have one constant source. Because the current distributed in electrical home installations is at a specific frequency: 50 Hz in Europe or 60 Hz in the United States. This is little, but with little we can do everything, we can triple the amount of power, but we do much more than that of cause. Let’s take as an example the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini.

“To charge with our Stick’N Charge this battery (3,85 V ñ 2100 mAh). 1 J = 1Ws, 1 Wh = 3600 J, 8.085 Wh = 3600 * 8.085J This formula is as known as the E=MC2, the time has to be removed since an harvester is not a capacitor but a feeder with an adaptive duty cycle determination technic that enables a low overhead power management.”

Xin WEI, co-founder has always been clear on the subject “to harvest is a real work that cannot be achieved without a perfect knowledge and a team. A team with a vision, I remember my first step, I still have on my desk this EMF Detector, the size of 2 sim cards, with some old diode schottky diodes and a LED. All I could do at that time was to detect the leakages from microwaves. Years gone by, but still I have still kept it.

“When we started this adventure, we were crazy but our goal was a huge goal; to help people, to contribute as much as we can to make this world better, safer for the next generation. The implementation of all this new wireless technology has been rushed, we talk about E-smog, the pollution from the 21st century. I don’t want my child to be at risk, to the contrary, I want my child to be able to make the use of the new technology without any fear. Yes radiations are everywhere, by fact, so let’s make the best of it and see what protocols will be the best to implement.

“As far as we are concerned, we will always choose a brand that share the same respect, a brand has to consider the needs of their customers. Brands that will partner with us have to be respectful of the environment and the health. A brand should be synonym of quality, but unfortunately, now brand are more seeking to make profit than to satisfy their customer.

“I can’t imagine the advertising from a bank that all of the sudden is selling smartphone plan. A bank is not an operator, but they really don’t care, this market is too big, they want to have a piece of the cake. What people want, it is simple, they want to be respected and a company has to become responsible. We want to remove as much as battery as we can because it is not safe. How many times do we have to read about a cellphone that burned or exploded while charging. This is not responsible for a company to not be able to react the second they hear of a problem. To me, that is not a sign of a good company.”

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K3OPS is a powerful tool that can already replace all button cell batteries it is about 30 billion unit sold per year, and the regular battery are even more vertiginous 45 billion. There will be more and more connected devices, and K3OPS is now by far the leader in RF Energy Harvesting. They supply many company. You don’t see their brand but you certainly already use it without knowing it since they are already in different devices.

Those folks are not bragging, they refuse to be in the MIT technology review since they knew the journalist was going to said stupid things, they really anticipated, because the article was a pure joke and the MIT comment was exactly what predicted Xin WEI. K3OPS reminds me those advertisings, which you all should have in mind “intel inside” Yes few years ago all the company was using Intel to sale computer. Well K3OPS are already inside many products but they keep a low profile.

To include K3OPS in replacement of the traditional batteries, the brand IseFeel is making the right move; a smart home, secure and safe with the use of green energy, it’s two thumbs up for IseFeel.

I should receive my IseFeel kit in the next few days and I’m really looking forward to setting it up. My home is already comfortable, but this will give me more security as well as total control.

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