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K3OPS – The Legend Of The Century

January 13, 2016 is the date carefully chosen by K3OPS to officially launch their first revolutionary device. The device converts the energy obtained from ambient electromagnetic radiation in the environment to operate or charge electronic devices like smart phones, tabs and many more. This date will be marked as important in the field of renewable energy.

What is known of K3OPS? Very little information was known before we get to know about it. Friday, December 5th, we were all shocked to know that K3OPS was much more than a simple start-up. ISEFEEL, the Home Automation Company that partnered with K3OPS is indeed a hidden iceberg.

Chinese President Xi JinPing
Chinese President Xi JinPing

After digging more information, we got to know that Yuan Jun, partner of K3OPS is more important than we imagined. His grandfather Mr. YUAN Baohua was a famous Chinese personality. We took permission of Mr. Yuan Jun to publish the photo in which you can see his uncle standing next to the Chinese President Xi Jinping, a successful businessman.

January 13, 2016 is a symbolic date because it will honor YUAN Baohua’s 100th birthday. This is a big name in China and in his honor Chinese government presents innovation award every year.

However, it is neither the political relations nor its influence that made Yuan Jun a successful businessman. He is a person of great wisdom, who obtained his master’s degree in computer science in England before making his name in the field of Home Automation and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

The sector of home automation has now become his area of expertise in which he has done something remarkable. After his years of research and his partnership with K3OPS, they are soon going to come up with self sustaining home automation system. We were a bit surprised when they told that they have chosen Marseille, a port city in Southern France for manufacturing their product, even though everything was available in China.

When we asked him the reason for it, Mr YUAN replied:

“We have chosen Marseille in France for its human side, it is not only a beautiful city, but also a city that aspires to greatness. It is a city where Euromed projects unfold without any difficulty. At the Intercontinental Hotel Dieu, God, I feel like at home.

Alexandre Despallieres, YUAN Jun and WEi Xin
Alexandre Despallieres, YUAN Jun and WEi Xin

Recently I had tea with a wonderful person, Mrs Madelijn Vervoord who runs this beautiful place. It is the place that I love the most and here I have spent quality time with my partners, who are more than just business partners to me. Alexandre Despallières is like a brother to me and his knowledge of China has always impressed me.

After having a discussion with my partners Alexandre Despallières and WEI Xin, we all decided to establish ourselves in Marseille because we all love this city. There is a quote from Fernandel (Popular French Actor and Singer) that Pascal Rahbe, the head of the reception service (where we live) told me: In Marseille we are pretending we do things once, and as one is pretending it does it well.”

The vision behind this small start-up has always been to give something to the world and not just doing business and making money. At the 100th anniversary of his Grand Father, Mr. YUAN Jun along with his partners will gift the world an RF energy harvesting system which can eliminate the need of batteries in this world.

A century marked by the imprints of his grandfather, who himself succeeded generations of the same family that built China, today, YUAN Jun will perpetuate the improvement of his country and the world by being more respectful towards the environment.

One word that comes to my mind to describe the three inseparable partners Alexandre Despallieres, YUAN Jun and WEI Xin is – geniuses!

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