Stick’N Charge says ‘Goodbye To Batteries’ in exchange for Green Energy thanks to K3OPS

Xin WEI. Chances are you will always remember this name. Despite all recommendations, he has succeeded in breaking all the fundamental laws, defying mathematics and physics in a quantic way, or should we now recognize that there is officially a ‘Xin WAY’.

This 26 year old has just achieved what is considered as being the first “Chinese Dream” and has became a part of Chinese history books, just like PENG Liyuan who is an extraordinary artist. She contributes with her talent to make China a place where success is possible.

The first printed definition of the phrase “American Dream” appeared in a 1931 book by James Truslow Adams, but the idea goes back centuries further to when Englishmen were being sold on sailing to America the land of plenty, of destiny and opportunity. I am proud to write this article since it is the first online edition of the sentence “Chinese Dream”.


I did follow the masterminds behind this next-generation company’s and name like WEI Xin, ZHANG Zhen, DESPALLIERES Alexandre and also all the team deserve recognition for this game-changing product called Stick’N Charge. It is an amazing tool, the epitome of simplicity with the most advanced technology in a patch. A little sticker that uses and recycles the energy derived from ambient electromagnetic radiation, to run, to operate or charge all electronic devices. Stick’N Charge today allows us to really say goodbye to batteries, to stop all redox process, to become more respectful of the environment and the health of everyone.

When interviewing Xin WEI, instead of celebrating the success of their accomplishment, he announced “Yet it is not sufficient enough, I still feel a very deep sadness and my eyes are full of tears. Not tears made of regular salted water; mine are made of blood, when still knowing about people from Africa risking their lives for minerals extraction to make batteries, to improve this or that. I feel ashamed about this as a human being; I think it is about time to become responsible, it is time to stop all judgment. It is time to change, because we all are the same, we all are able to do great things and I will do everything to fight those who disrespect another human being, I will fight the industry if they destroy our planet. As I already said, I don’t want my child to be at risk, living in a society twisted enough to think about profits and not safety. I will fight racist and yes, we started a revolution, but the best is yet to come. At K3OPS we will continue to provide solution for a better world, in a more equitable society.”

Stick’n Charge, the product that allows us to really say goodbye to batteries, will be in all ISEFEEL Home Automation system. Actually the product on the video using K3OPS RF Energy Harvesting technology, are from ISEFEEL, this brand with the use of green energy will for sure become leader in the Home Automation.

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