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At Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference one week from now, they are going to share a success story that lot of us don’t know about. Apple unveiled Swift- the latest programming language, exactly one year back, which promises to develop Mac and iPhone apps effortlessly than ever before. Apple assured that

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iPhone and Mac Are Cannibalizing iPad’s Sales

It is not a secret to us that iPad is experiencing a decline in its sales for quite some time now. This year, it has fallen another 29 percent for its revenue and 23 percent for the unit shipment. This just means that iPad had a weakening demand and a

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Two Brand New Apple Watch Apps Are Debuting

Apple Watch is the latest addition to the list of Apple products. Up until now, mobile developers are still thinking and developing new apps for the said product. However, some people are still questioning the capacity of Apple Watch’s apps as they can easily say that the applications for smartphones

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