Why Apple And Google Made Their Own Programming Languages (Swift, Go)

At Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference one week from now, they are going to share a success story that lot of us don’t know about.

Apple unveiled Swift- the latest programming language, exactly one year back, which promises to develop Mac and iPhone apps effortlessly than ever before. Apple assured that writing a program in Swift is really fast and will result in faster applications.

Topcoder- A website where designers go on-line to finish challenges for money, says it has 3,700 enrolled developers intrigued by Swift and are planning to build a solid community of around 20,000 members by the end of the year.

Apple is not the first tech giant to unleash its own programming language. In 1991, Microsoft released Visual Basic as an approach to streamline the advancement of Basic which is one of the first popular programming languages with a GUI (Graphical User Interface). Not long ago Google released Go, its own programming language in the year 2009. Both Apple’s Swift and Google’s Go were intended to alter the issues that developers were having with earlier programming languages.

Swift is so much similar to Objective-C that both the codes can be used side-by-side in the same app. Swift was developed in an effort to make apps easier to write and run much faster than before. Similarly, Go was intended to build complex systems in the easy way. Python & C++ – The old workhorses of the networked software programming industry were not able to keep up with the demands placed by Google.

For many developers, programming languages are a matter of religion. For Google, Apple, and Microsoft, releasing a new programming language is a daunting task against the propensity and schedules of developers who are already set in their ways.

The main advantage for Apple and Google in making their own programming languages is that it makes recruitment easier for them who have learned their programming languages. But the main purpose for which these languages are released is for the sole purpose of helping developers to develop better softwares.

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