Why Technology is Pushing Casinos Forward

hot slotsThe online casino industry is expected to be worth $100 billion in 2017. This high estimation is due to the positive effect technology has on this industry. Are you curious to find out why the case is? If yes, stick with me as I take you through this detailed and unbiased review of why technology is pushing online betting portals forward.

Wider Variety of Games

Thanks to technology, software houses are able to produce dedicated casino software platforms that make game production easier than ever. What does this result to? Yes, you guessed it right, more games. Unlike before, where the release of games was slow and uncertain, today new games find their way into the market on a weekly basis. As if this is not enough, each game that finds its way into the industry comes with new and better quality including clear-cut graphics, realistic animations, impeccable themes and quality sound effects. Hence, not only do players have endless game variety at but also experience better quality games, which is every player’s fantasy.

Gaming Experience at Home

Before the idea of online gambling came to life, players had to visit casinos to exude a thrilling gaming experience. Many times, players had to travel for miles to find a suitable casino to play at. What’s more, they had to stay in hotels to enjoy gambling services overnight or for a weekend. This led to a lot of expenses hence, limiting the gambling industry to the well of in society.

However, with the birth of online gambling, anyone can access these services as long as they have internet access and a suitable device to play with. In fact, gaming online has become so similar to gaming in a land-based casino thanks to live dealer and virtual games that we will discuss shortly.

Live Dealer Platform

From the title, I am sure you can get a glimpse of what this section is all about. To be on the same page, the live dealer platform consists of online games that allow you to interact with a casino dealer at the comfort of your home. Not only do you get to interact with a casino attendant but also exude a live gambling experience thanks to the sound effects that are a major feature in this platform. Some of the live dealer games you can enjoy include live poker, live baccarat, live European Roulette, live American Roulette and live Blackjack.

Virtual Reality Games

In my opinion, the virtual reality casino is a major revamp on the live dealer casino. This is because; virtual reality games completely immerse you into the casino without leaving the comfort of your home. How do virtual reality casinos work? Simple, first you must have virtual reality glasses that give you an illusion that you are in a land-based casino. Once you are in the virtual gaming world, you get to play games with other players, and as if that is not enough you get to interact with the dealers. With virtual reality, you can travel to a casino and back within a second!

Gaming on the Move

Mobile gaming is one of the greatest strides the online betting portals industry has made thanks to technology. With over 164 million people accessing games via their mobile devices, this platform is a major moneymaker in the online gambling industry. This is not surprising for gaming on your handset is very convenient for you can play a game anywhere you are and at any time. Furthermore, players prefer making money transactions using their mobile devices. If this keeps up, all mobile developers will make mobile casinos compatible because currently only Android, IOS, Windows, and Blackberry users can download these games. Other mobile users are limited to the flash option, which is accessing the online betting portals via your default browser.

Fast and Secure Banking Methods

With the introduction of e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller and PayPal, making online money transactions has been a breeze. Unlike traditional banking methods like Wire Transfers, e-wallets provide an arena to make money transactions online at a very fast rate. Therefore, if you happen to land a win at your favorite online betting portal, be sure to receive your withdrawals within 24 hours if you are using e-wallets.  This factor has seen online betting portals grow more popular for today money transactions are faster than ever before.

Moreover, thanks to the SSL encryption technology adopted by most sites online, money transactions via the internet are very secure. This technology protects all your personal information hence miscellaneous activities are unheard of when it comes to making payments online.

Improved Gaming Analysis

In a bid to increase your chances of winning while gaming online, most online betting portals have incorporated big data into their websites. Big data is extremely large volume of data that can be analyzed computationally to gather insights that help in decision-making. When it comes to gambling, players can use big data to track their gambling activities to come up with better strategies to play games in the future. 

This technology is also advantageous to online betting portals because they can track information about their players in a bid to improve their services. Bonus incentives, new games, and attractive themes are some of the solutions casinos come up with from studying statistics from the big data.

Sooner rather than later, the online casino industry will completely transform the traditional casino experience and take it to a whole other level. For now, it is difficult to decipher how much change technology will influence in casinos, but it is definitely safe to say that the future is bright for the online casino industry.

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