Multifab 3D Printer Takes 3D Printing To Another Level

Multifab 3D PrinterMIT Multifab 3D printer from the researchers of MIT is the world’s first 3D printer that can print up to 10 materials in one go.

Features of the Multifab 3D printer:

The new innovation from MIT has a self-correction and self-calibration feature. The MIT Multifab 3D printer is user-friendly and very cheap as compared to the already existing 3D printers.

The printer, besides being able to self-calibrate and self-correct, also has the ability to perform tasks that are complex. For example: You can print on top or around part that have already been printed. It can even print using different materials simultaneously.

While it’s easy to see the benefits from the Multifab printer, you may want to checkout other 3-d printer reviews to see what might work best for you.

Enormous differences between existing 3D printers and Multifab 3D printer:

The existing 3D printers could only print one and at most three material at once. These materials further had to be assembled manually. These 3D printers were too expensive at $250,000. Even after shelling out this huge amount, you still needed a human operator.

On the other hand, MIT Multifab 3D printer, built by CSAIL, which is the institute’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, is a lot less expensive and a lot more efficient. This printer prints up to one material at a time and only cost $7000. The difference in price is huge and speaks volumes of the talent at MIT and why it is one of the best institutes in the world

Special Feature:

If what you always wanted was an endless supply of customized mobile covers, then the MIT Multifab 3D printer is for you. It has sensors inside which use the 3D camera to analyze the geometry of any object or, here, your phone and can create a customized mobile case for you.

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