“The Free Education Has Started:” to all high school students in all the courses

Help_Students_Google_18 February 2016, Miami – Help Students Ltd. announces the launch of its online platform with the aim of offering free help to high school students in all the courses.

From now on, every high school student and everyone who wishes to enter tertiary education will have the 24-hour ability to find a teacher who can provide them with direct online help. This can be done via chat for the courses that interest them or by leaving a question or exercise concerning a course and receive an answer as soon as possible, so everybody can have equal chances in gaining access to tertiary education, regardless of their financial means.

Help Students platform aims at taking the student – teacher relationship to a new level.

Every teacher can enroll in the platform, and their goal will be, of course, to provide knowledge to all the students who are eager to learn and to help them fulfill their goals.

Access to the website is possible through all the devices that have the ability to connect to the internet, like mobile phones, tablets and computers.

The main aim of this platform is and will always be to provide free help to high school students, and especially students who are preparing to sit their university entrance exams, so as to improve the students’ knowledge level and better prepare them in their attempts to enter tertiary education. Love for teaching should know no limits, singularities or segregation.

Help Students Ltd. is the result of the extensive collaboration of researchers and programmers from all around the world, and it is fully tested and aimed at the goal it is meant to serve. It is now available in the USA, the U.K, Greece, Canada and Australia. From the beginning of May it will also be available in Germany, India, France, Russia, China and by the end of 2016 in all the countries worldwide.

We hope that this platform will be met with enthusiasm and anticipation, and that everyone will embrace this effort. 




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