How To Fix Almost Anything On The iPhone


There are many reasons why we love our iPhones: Siri, touch ID speed, 3D touch, the camera, 4k video, and if you like reading eBooks, you can comfortably hold the device in your hands and get lost in your own world on the daily commute to work. Well, our iPhones do let us down, a lot.

Here is what to do when your iPhone stops working:

Frozen screen

When your screen freezes, force a restart. Press and hold the power and home buttons at the same time for about 10 seconds. Wait until you see the Apple logo. If the screen remains unresponsive, connect the phone to your PC and restore the OS via iTunes. Remember to sync the phone and wait for it to create a backup.

When you cannot remember the password

If you forget the password or have entered the wrong password 6 times, your phone will lock. To access the phone, connect it to the laptop and open iTunes. Sync the phone and click restore. When you get to ‘set up screen’ click ‘restore from iTunes’ on your iPhone. If prompted for a password, use recovery mode. Press and hold the power and home buttons at the same time. Wait until the Apple logo is replaced by the recovery mode screen. Choose ‘restore’ in iTunes. This will erase your data.

Keyboard lags

When sending an email or iMessage, your keyboard may start lagging. To solve this, turn off documents and data in iCloud. Go to settings, icloud, then documents and data. If this does not work, go to general, reset then reset all settings.

If it does not power on

If your iPhone does not power on, connect it to a power supply and charge the battery. If it does not work, get a new battery. If it still does not work, contact Apple’s service center.

If it does not power off

Hold the sleep/wake button and home key for at least 5 seconds. Wait for the Apple logo to appear.

If the camera does not work

Check whether there are any restrictions. Go to settings, general, restrictions, and ensure that the allow camera option is on. Tap disable restrictions. If this does not work, power the device off and on. You can also reset it using the sleep/wake key and home key. If all this does not work, restore your iPhone in iTunes. If this still does not work, take the phone to the nearest Apple store.

Siri is not working

Clean the microphone at the bottom of the device. Toggle Siri on and off. Go to settings, general, siri. Turn Siri off and wait for 30 seconds. If this does not work, reset the network. No success? Reset the entire device. This resets the device to factory settings.

The above problems are very common with iPhones and the solutions suggested here should get your phone working. If you cannot resolve the problem, there are online stores like iPhone Mend you can use or take the device to the nearest Apple store.

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