New fund for creatives and artists from MMBF Trust

mmifInternational charity MMBF Trust is growing their portfolio of projects as 2016 has seen them launch the Matthew Martino Innovators Fund which began accepting application on the 14th February.

This MMBF Trust -funded opportunity provides 10 groups or individuals with £250 to help kick-start their creative projects. In the past MMBF Trust has funded everything from dance and film projects to music videos and photography collectives.

Megan Turner for MMBF told us ‘Im excited to be introducing the Innovators Fund as this is something that has been on the cards for a while, we have been actively seeking ways and means to diversify our work and offer funding to other creative fields hence this is an exciting time for us as we learn and try to recreate the success other MMBF projects have had.’ 

The Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund is the brainchild of British philanthropist Matthew C. Martino who is regarded one of Britain’s Youngest Philanthropists. The working class film executive from Essex is reported to have donated £120,000 to charitable causes in 2015 according to filed accounts.

The MMBF (Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund) is a UK based international charity that supports  filmmakers, actors and individuals studying or working in performing arts worldwide through training grants and scholarships, funding for first time filmmakers  and provides sponsorship for film related events such as film festivals and film award ceremonies.

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