The Growth of Mobile Casinos


The thrill of a casino has existed for decades, and long before physical establishments took root, the desire to play cards, dice and other games of chance have raged on for hundreds of years. Due to this, it only makes sense gambling would move to the tech world. More individuals know how a smart phone than a computer, so to give easier access to citizens around the world, online casinos are offering mobile services in record numbers. How far have mobile casinos come in recent years? It is expected 164 million people will visit a mobile casino on their mobile device in 2018. This is nearly half the U.S. population. While brick and mortar casinos will always exist as these facilities do offer services simply not available on a mobile device, there is no denying the surge of mobile casino gaming and the continued growth it likely will see. 

Push From Desktop to Mobile

Playing casino games online allows millions of people around the world play their favorite games, ranging from traditional slots to live-dealer poker. In 2011, only seven percent of all gambling performed over an Internet connection occurred with a mobile phone. That number has continued to increase though, with 17.4 percent of the market using a mobile phone just two years later. The trend is pushing closer to 50 percent and some online casinos currently report over 50 percent of betting revenue comes from mobile devices. Experts also believe the mobile gambling market is set to be worth $100 billion sometime next year. 

Why the Growth

So why the shift to mobile from desktop? First and for most, mobile gaming is simply easier. Nearly everyone has a smart phone in their pocket. This makes it possible to pull out the phone and play a few hands or games while riding the bus to work, on break from a meeting or while at the ball game. It can be conducted anywhere. Computers are simply not transported as often. Additionally, technology has improved to the point where users can receive the same gaming experience as what they once only could find on a computer. Plus, mobile phone screen size does play a role as well. Around 2010 and 2011, the average screen size sat around a little more than three inches. Now screen sizes are pushing five and six inches. This makes visibility easier, which in turn makes playing the games more enjoyable. 

Push Into the United States

After several online gaming fall outs with service providers closing up shop on players suddenly, making off with hundreds of millions of dollars, the United States put its proverbial foot down to prevent online gaming. While it is available in nations like Canada, the UK, Australia and most of Europe, the United States has been slow to return online gaming operations. However, several states are now creating state-run services, with New Jersey leading the way in the state’s mobile gaming community. It is believed more states are likely to follow, which will help boost those online gaming numbers to the 164 million people mark over the course of the next two years. 

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