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The wave of new real estate buying opportunities in Turkey

The wave of new real estate buying opportunities in Turkey, one of the hottest real estate markets in the world, is just beginning and investors should prepare themselves by speaking with professionals with direct experience in the industry and territory.

From 2012 to 2013, real estate prices increased by almost 12 percent, according to a report from the real estate brokerage Knight Frank. Companies like Riviera Invest are helping people to cash in on this real estate boom.

According to Julian Walker, the director of the London office of Spot Blue, residents of countries surrounding the Persian Gulf have been some of the biggest homebuyers in recent years. While they tend to seek high-end homes in new developments in Istanbul and other large cities, buyers from European countries are typically looking for summer homes along the Aegean Sea in places like Bodrum, Fethiye and Izmir.

Even celebrities are getting in on the action. A-list actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have reportedly just purchased a mansion ‘seaside villa’ in coastal Urla in Turkey.

According to travel agent Mehmet Unal, “They had their children, cooks, and staff with them. We took them around the Pinarli, Yassi, Cicek and Kasik islands from early morning until the afternoon. They even came to our restaurant with their yacht. The couple loved Urla very much, because we have the sea, artichokes, fish, and everything here and this place is just 20 kilometers from the airport. They saw this; I think they will visit here very often.”

Alparslan Construction, a family owned company has been operating in Turkey for 45 years, understands the market and the way in which they can adapt to investors preferences. Specialized in developing and building properties, Alparslan Construction has signed in excess of 1,000 apartments, villas, and commercial properties on the Turkish Riviera.

Known for their ability to offer professional and friendly service to all our clients, including both investors and private buyers, Alparslan Construction has become a permanent fixture in the Turkish real estate market. The company’s approval rating by its past customers ranks as high as any company in the Turkish real estate industry.

Alparslan Construction employ the top line professionals within all key positions that includes accounting, finance, insurance, and law and have all necessary qualifications, approvals and permits to work legally in the Turkish property market.

real estate buying opportunities in Turkey
real estate buying opportunities in Turkey
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