Twitter and YouTube Blocked in Turkey

Twitter and Youtube Logos

Turkey has recently blocked YouTube and Twitter after Twitter and YouTube shared a video of hostages taken. The video showed a siege where the attackers were holding hostages; there was a massive shootout which resulted in the death of the attackers and the hostages.
The order to block the sites was given by the Turkish courts for sharing the photos of a hostage taken during an armed siege which occurred last week.

These blocks on the sites were imposed because the deadly siege was being shared through the social media networks where 2 gunmen took a prosecutor hostage in the central courthouse in Istanbul.

There was a rescue effort by the Turkish police but there was also a shootout after the police had stormed the building, the gunmen and the hostages died.

The Turkish authorities had already stopped newspapers and other mediums to stop circulating the news, after this were done, the Turkish authorities decided to block YouTube and Twitter.

The government has accused the newspapers of “terrorist propaganda” and they further added that this will give heed to the DHKP-C group who are responsible for the attack on the courthouse.

The European Union, US and Turkey considers DHKP-C a terrorist group. Mehmet Selim Kiraz who was a prosecutor was taken as hostage during the siege; he was heading an investigation about the death of a boy during anti-government protests.

The pictures showed the Gunmen holding a gun to Kiraz’s head and this was being shared on the social media.

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