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Too Much Sun can Damage Your Skin – Even in the Dark

Sunbathing in a Park

The sun can damage your skin for hours after spending time in the sun; new research has shown a link between sun exposure and chances of cancer. Lotions are known to help reduce the risk of cancer; vitamin E is also known to protect the skin and can limit the risk of skin cancer. Though lotions work well but vitamin E is more helpful in minimizing the after effects of a long day at the beach.

The main source of the damage was melanin; amazingly, this is a pigment which actually protects the skin from UV ray. Scientists think that melanin can have both positive and negative effects.

Latest research tells us that when UV lights come into contact with the skin, a variety of chemical reactions, this also includes “bleach” which excites the electrons during its reaction with melanin. During the DNA damaging part, the melanin is active for a brief period of time and plays its part in the mutation.

Research tells us that mutation skin cells which are accumulated over time can increase the chances of skin cancer. Previous beliefs implied that if a person took shelter in the shade, the effects would be minimized but now scientists are saying the mutations keep appearing for hours after the exposure.

During a study, scientists discovered that the food preservative known as potassium sorbate was efficient in reducing the skin mutation but some think that Vitamin E is a stronger candidate and that is the reason why Vitamin E is widely used in almost every sunblock product. Vitamin has proven to be more effective in blocking UV rays when compared with potassium Sorbate.

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