The Science Behind Black Jack

BlackjackBlackjack is the most popular casino game, combining skill and chance. It became so popular because some consider it as a tool to polish mathematical prowess, and others just look for fortune signs. In fact, one cannot win playing blackjack based only on luck. It’s crucial to understand how to play the black jack game. Blackjack is the simplest game to play both online and on land. All one needs to play is a reasonable head, good eyes, some memory skills and casino coins to place bets.

Today you may find in internet lots of online about the basics of the blackjack game, and you should spend some time reading some of them before playing an on land or online black jack for real money. We tried to find the best casino online, and were overwhelmed by the number of great sites. As per most manuals, the main object of blackjack game is to get a total card value of twenty-one or the closest to it. This is the most common and the simplest rule of the blackjack game. But where is the trick?

Certainly, if you know what cards you have, or what cards will be dealt with the dealer, then you can make easy decisions and get rich fast. But we don’t talk about fictional tricks here – let’s be down to earth. There is only one trick in the blackjack game online or in a land-based casino. You must realize that the main rule of the game is to beat the dealer’s hand without going bust. And to beat the dealer’s hand you don’t need to be close to a value of twenty-one – you may win even having just a hand valued four. This, of course, is possible if the dealer goes bust.

Understanding this simple rule is essential. Online blackjack players who mainly base their strategy on how to “beat the dealer’s hand” rather than on “getting their hand rated at twenty-one or closest to twenty-one” are the most successful. That is the main idea behind designing your black jack gaming strategy, either by applying card counting techniques, or any other method. Your personal blackjack style does not need to be complicated to have a higher winning probability, but it must be based on your personal skills and priorities. If you have a good memory then just apply one of the more sophisticated blackjack card counting systems. You can also follow a simpler technique which does not require too much memory.

Whatever strategy you apply for your blackjack gaming experience, always remember that you need to beat the dealer: this is your main objective. Also, be careful in choosing an online black jack casino, because lots of them don’t want you to apply card counting, that’s why they shuffle cards after every hand. Pick only a trusted online blackjack casino and play blackjack for free first to test your strategy.

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