Top 5 Sports Game Apps of 2016


What gives you a thrill? A technical knockout, scoring the game winning goal, or a 360 slam dunk? Fortunate for mobile gamers, you won’t have to sit on the sidelines and just watch any longer.

We’ve put together a list of gaming apps that will help you to enjoy your favorite sports, all without the off-season. Some allow you to manage teams and tactics, others let you be part of the big league sports matches. The best sport games apps have impressive graphics are simple to navigate, and the controls work well.

Here are the top 5 sports game apps for Android and iOS:

1. NBA 2K15 ($7.99)

The NBA 2K15 is found on both Android and iOS. You can help a rookie player build a career or lead a team through a season.

Features on Android

  • Spectacular graphics
  • Great on-the-court gameplay
  • Career mode – helps players to rise to stardom
  • Quickplay mode – help 2 teams play against each other

Additional Features on iOS

  • Career and quick play modes replaced by Season and Blacktop

2. Virtua Tennis Challenge ($4.99)

This arcade tennis game is getting a bit old, but that doesn’t stop it from being a great game. The whole point of the game is to become the best tennis player. It is available on both Android and iOS.


  • Choose from 50 fictional players
  • 2 interfaces – custom gesture control or traditional virtual
  • The SPT World Tour mode – new tournaments daily
  • Multiplayer – available via Bluetooth

3. FIFA 15: Ultimate Team

This sports game app is also available on both Android and iOS. It challenges players to build a dream team (the ultimate team). Players begin with a limited number of players and trade them with soccer stars.


  • Quick simulation mode – you are a manager deciding team
    tactics and substitutions
  • Team of the week
  • Playable real world match-ups

4. NHL 2K ($7.99)

The NHL 2K is a great hockey experience. It is a new version of the 2K series only available on iOS.


  • Career mode – allows you to grow a rookie player to stardom
  • Mini-Rink mode – allows for a fast-paced three on three
  • Turn-based shootout mode
  • No full season mode

5. King of the Course Golf

When compared to its counterpart, the Tiger Woods series, this game has a more arcade feel. It is meant for the less hardcore gold fans. It is available for both Android and iOS.


  • Quick-play challenges (a bit fantastical)
  • Game modes for conventional stroke play skip your shot
    across water
  • Real world courses, for instance, Pinehurst No.2, Banff
    Springs, and TPC Sawgrass

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