New VR Camera – GoPro Omni, A Treat For VR Filmmakers And Fans

This week’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) event in Las Vegas will see the unveiling of GoPro Omni, a new VR camera. The company will also launch a new VR platform for sharing immersive videos.

Well, this doesn’t come up as a surprise in this tech-savvy age. Especially when the race to create both the software and hardware that will drive the emerging VR market is heating up.

Everything about GoPro Omni, New VR Camera

new VR camera
The all new Omni virtual camera rig.

The new Omni virtual reality camera features 6 synchronized cameras in a spherical array, which looks more like a rounded square, is priced at $4,999.

It has six Hero4 cameras and an aluminum rig, which is lightweight and is made for action shots. These features will allow the users to capture 8K video.

When these six cameras are stitched together, they’ll create a single 360-degree video. Impressive!!

What will you get with this marvel of 21st-century technology?

Buyers of the new VR camera will receive a value for their money. As they’ll also get:

  • A GoPro Omni Sync Rig
  • A Kolor Software license for editing
  • 6 GoPro HERO4 Black cameras and batteries
  • A smart remote
  • 6 Mini USB cables
  • 32GB micro SD cards and card readers
  • An “ultra-compact, rugged shipping case.”

Also, it’s unlikely but if you already own six GoPro HERO4 Black cameras, the rest of the pack will be available at a more reasonable price of $1,499.

What else?

GoPro's new offering.
GoPro’s new offering.

The company will also introduce GoPro VR, a combination website and free app platform for Android and iOS. This is designed to showcase VR content from all around the world and facilitate the sharing of that content.

However despite the increasing amount of VR content, similar VR platforms like Samsung’s Milk VR have so far failed to generate much interest.

For those who want to buy Omni, its pre-orders start today with demonstrations via the GoPro website.

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