UK Government Orders Google To Remove Right To Be Forgotten Stories, But Is It That Important?

The UK government orders Google to remove Right to be forgotten stories from its search results. Last year, the European Union created a mechanism for its citizens and with its help they can ask the search giant to remove certain results from search results for their names and Google received hundreds of requests every day.

There is one person from the UK who committed a minor crime 10 years ago and wanted to remove references to those links. The search giant removed the links, which were referred to the criminal history of that person in the SERP’s for his name.

Then the company’s capitulation to Europe’s regulation made news, and the news stories referencing the individual came once again and the matter heated up! Now, the tech giant has to remove references to the news from SERP’s regarding that person’s name.

Google To Remove Right To Be Forgotten Stories
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Google to remove Right to be forgotten stories and David Smith, Deputy Information Commissioner, wrote in a statement regarding it:

“The commission does not dispute that journalistic content relating to decisions to delist search results may be newsworthy and in the public interest. However, that interest can be adequately and properly met without a search made on the basis of the complainant’s name providing links to articles which reveal information about the complainant’s spent conviction.”

Google to remove Right to be forgotten stories after the orders from the UK government and the search giant has 35 days to remove the offending links, though the company has the right to appeal the order.

In the end, I would like to ask you a question, Is the right to be forgotten more important than the access to relevant news? The news regarding that person may be important for any other person like police officials or his girlfriend! You can share your views regarding it in the comments section below.

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