The New Tile Tracking Device Is Out! Finding Keys And Phone Made Easier!

The new Tile tracking device is here to make your life easier. Think of all the times when you look for your keys or phone all over the house and just cannot locate it anywhere! Tile has come up with a new tracking device, which will make sure you never lose ANYTHING ever again!

The new Tile and its features:

On August 19th, the company introduced their new Tile tracking device that is a Bluetooth-enabled square and white in color and is going to be your life saver! It will not only help you locate your missing stuff, but will also trace your phone with an app called the Tile app.

The New Tile Tracking Device Is Out! Finding Keys And Phone Made Easier!
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With the new Tile and the updated app, you can double press the alphabet “e” that you will see on the Tile and it will help you find your phone provided the app is running in the background.

It doesn’t matter if our phone is on silent, you will still be able to find it. Thanks to the 90 decibels beep of the new Tile tracking device, you will be able to find your dear phone even if it is buried under a thick sweater in your bag pack or under those fat cushions of your sofa.

Doesn’t matter if your phone runs on iOS or Android:

What is interesting is that you can look towards your Android-owning friends to help you out when you can’t find your expensive iPhone. They will actually be able to help you now instead of giving the excuse that they can’t load ‘Find My Phone’.

Price of the new Tile:

If you are planning to buy the new Tile tracking device, you will find your pocket lighter by $25. However, if you are thinking of buying more than one Tile it will be smarter to buy them together. Tile is available in T-Mobile stores and online. A word of caution: the battery lasts only a year. You will have to add it on your Christmas ‘To-Do List’every time in the last month of the year.

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