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Using the Xnspy iPhone Spying App To Ease Your Mind

My son insisted recently talked me into buying him the latest iPhone because all of his friends at school had one. I tried to resist but after much persistence from my son, I had to agree to his request and bought him with his favorite the smartphone.

To my surprise, this gift quickly turned out to be a huge stress once I saw all of the incoming and outgoing calls and text messages he was making.

After talking with some other parents and realizing the kind of trouble he could be getting into, I decided to monitor the usage of his iPhone by installing the iPhone spying app called “Xnspy.”

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The app comes with quite a few great features including things such as:

Easy monitoring

This robust iPhone spying app turned out to be the best thing that a parent could ask for. The app first gets downloaded to your child’s phone and works secretly inside it without anyone realizing its there. No one ever realizes the existence of Xnspy on their phone while you get to monitor the activities of your childrens’ phone activities.

Call records

You get full records of all the incoming calls, missed calls and outgoing calls, along with the total duration and exact time of every call. If parents wish to record any one particular call or even just record all the calls, Xnspy lets you do so.

Log-in and use

This app works well with iPhone models, even the latest iPhone 6 Plus. You can start using Xnspy immediately by registering online for an account. The next step is to download this app in your kid’s iPhone and login using your User ID and password to access the members area. Once you are logged-in, you will be able to access all the data that is present inside your kid’s cell phone.

Messenger chats and contact details

Xnspy provides the complete iMessages chat records to parents along with the time and date stamps. Parents even get to see the contact numbers that are saved inside the cell phone.

Xnspy support

If you’re a parent who is looking to have a detailed look at the activities of your child, then you can find a better option than the iPhone spying app Xnspy. This app provides all of its services for the low price of just $8.33 a month.

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