K3OPS To Release The First Battery Free With Samsung or Another Brand?

K3OPS, the company leader in RF Energy Harvesting systems, announce their latest product called: STICK’N Charge. Xin WEI co-Founder explained: “This is the missing part that will make every smartphone unique, offering a new approach for a better experience. Our system harvests and converts form various radio frequencies, whether you’re at home, in the streets, at Starbucks, at the office, providing a sufficient level of energy to power or to charge your smartphone without any interference with the signal from your own mobile phone.”

A few months ago, the company that revolutionized the traditional electric battery concept by endowing the various general public models with its RF energy harvesting system that converts the ambient radiation into direct current power. Providing a new source of clean energy by eliminating the electrochemical devices currently used to convert chemical energy into electric power via redox processes, is actually starting a revolution, for a good cause.

Zhen ZHANG engineer added “We placed all K3OPS technology in a patch to deliver a clean source of energy on the move. Our goal users will never have to charge their cell phone, never run out of power or even to seek an outlet. Also, this is the best answer to cope with electromagnetic pollution issues. ”

K3OPS will soon became legendary, joining names like Google, iliad, Tencent, Amazon, SPACE X Ö which to this day remain testaments to what is possible when a good idea marries good management.

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