Will There Be an Arrival of iTunes Streaming Service Next Month?

Will There Be an Arrival of iTunes Streaming Service Next Month?

iOS 8.4 beta, the latest iOS update of Apple, is now available. This newly released iOS version continues the legacy of previous iOS updates to bring improved music app, which brings both UI and function changes to its music playback application. With the revamped music app, many people are speculating that Apple might release a brand new iTunes streaming music service early next month. The launch of this new iTunes service is expected to be at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

Many reports are spreading that Apple plans to debut the new streaming music service this 8th of June 2015, which marks the beginning of Worldwide Developers Conference. This music service is said to compete with popular music services, including Spotify.

As of the moment, the brand new Music app that appears in every beta release only offers a new look instead of a streaming service. Aside from its new look, it also offers new playlist features, new mini-player and much more convenient access to iTunes Radio. With these improvements and add-ons features, there is no way that people won’t like it even when it comes without a streaming service yet.

As of this point, people are still waiting for the Worldwide Developers Conference to verify whether the rumor regarding the arrival of a streaming service is true or not. Even when it is not yet confirmed, people are now getting excited to this.

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