Xploit Infotech Announces Multiple Projects In The Works

After the huge success of JAL firewall, Xploit Infotech’s ltd Director ‘Ketan Ramshawala, Manish Sharma, Mihir Shah’ announces multiple new upcoming projects

The JAL firewall developed by the Indian company Xploit Infotech limited achieved big success in the market and many banks installed it. Inspired by the success of this firewall, xploit Infotech’s limited director Ketan Ramshawala, Manish Sharma, Mihir Shah has announced the launch of three new upcoming projects and also mentioned that many banks are ready to do funding of this project.

The first project name is ‘loltrips’ which is one of its kind travel search engine and it’ll also become the third site in the world to provide this service. The second project name is ‘care4cell’ which is a system that can help in tracking the lost mobile with 100 percent gaurantee and money back policy. Another project started by the company is ‘vibranteducamp’ which is a online service for Indian schools. This system will help in tracking of bus, results, notes and may prove very useful to the parents as well as the students.

Xploit Infotech is specialized in dealing with Cyberspace, providing digital and virtual solutions, information technology services, cyber security solutions, Software Engineering And Outsourcing Services. The company also rcently launched the Beta version of its JAL firewall which comes with three layer of security with monitoring. JAL can be used to secure mobile apps, CRM software, e-commerce websites and much more.

Apart from firewall development the company provides a variety of other services such as analyzing the shortcomings in the code, development, website to do sentiment analysis on them and create the best suited firewall and security system using the latest technologies.

The company also provides real time analyzing system to monitor any loopholes, alerts to block any suspicious activity. It also supports in fixing the loops to protect the data from unauthorized access.

The company is also involved in to development services and provides services for website and mobile application development along with Cloud mamagement, custom CRM, ERP, API development and data management services. The company serves as a one stop solution for all the IT services as it also provides SEO optimization services to improve the ranking in search engines. The company takes prides in serving many big clients like Gujarat police, Bhartiya Janta Party,  Congress ,Surakhasetu,Vibrant Education ,Banking Sector and many more.

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