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McDonald’s now serving `breakfast all day`

McDonald’s launched an all-day breakfast menu on Tuesday. However, business analysts are giving the menu adjustment mixed reviews, noting that the popular change could actually hurt the restaurant’s bottom line.

Breakfast items generally need cooking on griddles with a lower-temperature compared to burgers and obviously the burger maker did not want to give up precious grill space to the slow cooking food all through the day. But what took the fast food chain so long to take the decision? About four minutes and thirty five seconds later, out came a smiling McDonald’s server with an Egg McMuffin in a brown bag.

In other words, increasing the availability of breakfast foods will likely bring more people into the restaurant, but they’ll be spending less than they would on the company’s traditional lunch or breakfast options, Time reported. After all, McDonald’s has been testing all-day breakfast in some parts of the USA since March in order to get any kinks out in the prep process.


However, the restaurants are not offering everything from the breakfast menu all through the day. However, fan-favorite Bacon, Egg, and Cheese McGriddle would not be available the whole day.

Kacie learns how to make breakfast orders at McDonald's.        KSHB

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