Yahoo Testing Google Search Results to Benefit Its Users

Yahoo testing Google search results in hope to benefit the Yahoo’s search engine and its users. Google officials confirmed it in a response to an AFP inquiry, saying “Yahoo is currently testing search results and ads from a number of partners, including Google as one of their options.”

“As we work to create the absolute best experiences for Yahoo users, from time to time, we run small tests with a variety of partners including search providers. There is nothing further to share at this time.” said Yahoo spokesperson, considering that Google was among those search firms.

Yahoo and Microsoft revised their previous search partnership in April to give more flexibility to Yahoo. According to the revised agreement, the companies’ partnership is not restricted for both mobile and desktop searches. It means Yahoo can explore further arrangements with search engines other than Microsoft’s Bing.

The partnership between Yahoo and Microsoft started in 2010 and was supposed to last for 10 years. But Yahoo had the choice to exit the partnership in midway if certain revenue conditions were not met. Marissa Mayer, Chief Executive of Yahoo, repeatedly signalled that she was not satisfied.

Who first noticed that Yahoo is testing Google search results?

Yahoo’s new search tests with Google came into notice when Aaron Wall, an online marketer and founder of the Web site SEO Book, published a post on his blog saying “I have noticed different results when searching with Yahoo on different browsers. I am uncertain to what degree they are testing search results from Google, but on some Web browsers I am seeing Yahoo organics and ads powered by Bing [and] in other browsers I am seeing Yahoo organics and ads powered by Google.”

Yahoo testing Google search results might draw the attention of antitrust regulators because of the powerful position Google holds in that domain. Now Yahoo does not function to collect user data and it is planning to give charities with almost half of its revenue in the future.

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