Apple Found a Way to Solve the Fragility of Future iPhones

Apple Found a Way to Solve the Fragility of Future iPhones

We cannot argue that iPhone models are getting thinner and lighter over the years. Due to this, iPhones have also gotten much more fragile over time. Remember how the big and thin iPhone 6 Plus is not compatible with our back pockets. Now, Apple found out a brand new invention that can help them prevent the possibility of too much flexing by its iPhones even when these continue to get thinner and lighter over time.

The new invention discovered by Apple is the Encapsulation of a Stiffener Layer in Aluminum. They already filed this patent to protect the invention. On Thursday, they already published it by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The patent determines how the giant company will reinforce its future models of its handsets while making it even thinner than today.

For the purpose of accomplishing the plan, Apple suggests first to embed a stiff material like carbon-fiber sheet. They need to embed it on the inside of the housing of the iPhone. After this, they need to deposit a layer of aluminum over the stiff material.

With this brand new invention, the future iPhone models are now getting more and more interesting. As a matter of fact, many people is now very excited to see how the iPhone 7 will look like and whether the company will already use their new invention with it or not.

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