And The ‘2015 Tech Bits’ Technology Award Goes To…

At the end of every year, My Tech Bits takes a look back at all of the tech related news and companies doing amazing things in their field, and awards the Tech Bits award to what we feel is the greatest story about people and companies pushing the boundaries of technology.

From nano technology to mobile apps, we have seen a lot of amazing things over the last 8 years of awarding the prize, and this year was no different. So many great people and companies to choose from, but we have narrowed it down to the top 10 below. What tech story was number 1? You’ll just have to read on to find out!

#10 Urine-powered wearable tech is a thing?

So definitely one of the more obscure things to come out of the tech world as well as the wearable tech world, is the urine-powered wireless transmitter created as wearable tech. This story recently got a lot of attention – IM not sure if it was due to the strange subject matter or the actual potential in a new form of a seemingly limitless power source. The socks, which contain microbial fuel cells (MFCs) are able to power a wireless transmitter to send a signal to a computer, but the technology could one-day power phones and smart watches. Going green might get renamed to going yellow.

#9 Amazon Dash Button?

What everyone started thinking was an early April Fools prank by Amazon, turned out to be a real thing but the online retail giant who continues to shock their consumer with being able to simply push a single button to quickly order products. I’m not sure where this one is headed but its an interesting concept.

#8 Apply opens Swift to the masses

For a company who is usually controls their products and code to people from being able to modify, the news that Apple would now be opening their Swift programming language used for mobile and desktop apps, to be open for programmed to download and modify to fit their needs. This is a first for the company and hopefully not the last.

#7 Google goes Alphabet

Why one of the biggest household names in technology would ever consider changing their name from something so iconic as Google to something so blase like Alphabet is beyond me. Yes I’ve heard the reasoning and I get it but it still seems a bit odd… but then again, has anything Google has launched made perfect sense at the very beginning? I’m sure the mad scientists of the tech world have plans for bigger things than us mere humans can imagine. For now we sit and wait to see what will come of Alphabet/Google.

#6 Windows 10 – Launches with positive feedback

Its been some time since Windows rolled out an operating system upgrade that did not get sever criticism. In a world where it seems like everyone is copying Apple (pr just ripping them off), its good to see a little competition back in the game. Windows 10 delivers a unified platform on which universal apps can easily work on a slew of devices including their Xbox gaming system. Additionally, they launched their Surface Pro 4 tablet successfully, which you can’t help but see if you watch American Football, as well as their first laptop, the Surface Book.

#5 Apple Watch – A sign of things to come?

2015 brought a new form of mobile computing in the form of a watch. Apple, Samsung, and several other companies threw their hats into the ring and tested the waters to see what the consumer response would be. So far the watches have received mixed reviews but if you look at it as a starting point for things to come, the application of putting your phone into something wearable could have a great impact.

#4 The Fitbit is it! – Wearable technology that has actually picked up.

Sometimes simple is better. Instead of packing an entire smart phone into a watch, a simple wristband looking watch that tracks your vitals and several other simple tasks, seems to have a great attraction from consumers – possibly due to a more reasonable price point, possibly due to a more simple platform and specific task. Similar to the Apple watch, wearable technology is in its infancy and ironing out some bugs, but the signs are there that consumers have an interest in this and should be ready to move forward with advancements from here.

#3 Tesla goes hands free – and possibly to a show room near you

People always complain that the year 2000 turned out to not be anything like they were promised, with flying cars and vacations on the moon, but in 2015, Tesla got us pretty close to the Jetsons with a hands free car. Now to give credit where credit is due, Google, Ford and a few other companies have been working on the technology for a while now, but Tesla definitely made some headlines with their cars, even going so far as to put the first price tag on the Model X car (a mere $80,000).

#2 The Drones are taking over!

Sure it would only benefit people near an Amazon store facility. And you can’t order anything too heavy. And there may be some FCC regulations to deal with. And there is a chance consumers will try to catch one or shoot one down, but the news that Amazon Prime Air might try to get your purchases delivered in style – and speed! There is no definite word on where Amazon is at in the process of this since the new broke earlier this year, but with Amazon being on the bleeding edge of things, my guess is other companies will follow to jump on the more lucrative cutting edge of this technology.

#1 K3OPS – Possibly the most important company you might not have heard of… yet

Honestly, if you visit our site on any kind of a regular basis, chances are you have seen more than a few articles about K3OPS. Regardless of this award, we whole heartedly feel that K3OPS is one of the most amazing and important companies of 2015; and will most likely be around making headline for a long time to come.

This is the first time this award has been given to a Chinese company, although it’s a collaboration between the French and China. I point this out only because its something unique to what we have been doing for several years and the Chinese should definitely be proud of anyone doing the things these gentleman are doing in technology as well as for man-kind.

Alexandre Despallieres, Jun YUAN and Xin WEI make up the trio of geniuses who have created Stick’N Charge Technology that can harvest electromagnetic radiation, using a matchless digital to analog converter. It can provide an endless source of energy to operate electronic devices like smart phones, tabs or smart watches.

This may sound like something out of the dreams of Nikola Tesla, but clean, green energy could finally be here. What makes the K3OPS story even better is that they are doing this to advance man-kind and create a better place to live. Similar to Nikola Tesla, their primary goal is making this world a better place and money or fame is a distant thought for any of them. A very hard thing to find in anyone or any company in this filed these days.

Xin WEI is a 26-year-old who has achieved the“Chinese Dream” and making his way into the Chinese history books.

Alexandre Despallieres initiated and owns the company, patents and copyrights, and is the one that built the team. Previously he worked for various social networks while building a solid relationship with China. He is the one that likes to be in the shadows and always says that this is the only way to be since to be under the spotlight is just a fading illusion. Without Alexandre the company would not exist.

Jun YUAN is a major player in the field of Artificial Intelligent System and Home Automation, developed a maintenance free self-sustaining home system.

On an added and special note, with it being Jun YUANs birthday, we hope it’s a great one and that you have many, many more!


Congratulations to all of this years nominees. There were so many great stories, companies and people that popped up this year that could make this list an epic read, so kudos to everyone making a difference or doing something cutting edge. We can only hope 2016 is as interesting and productive (if not more) than this year.

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