Using Project Fi Might Affect Your Google Voice Account Negatively

Using Project Fi Might Affect Your Google Voice Account Negatively

Many people are now interested with Google’s Project Fi. However, there is a problem for those who are frequent Google voice users. There might be a conflict of interest when using Google Voice and Project Fi. When you decide to enter Project Fi, this means that there is a possibility that it might be the end of the Google Voice that you have known.

Though Project Fi is absolutely great, there are still some odd things about it. One of the oddest things about it is the policy of Google when it comes to porting over Voice numbers. Project Fi will immediately know whether an invited email is linked to Google Voice or not. If it is, then you will be presented with two options. The first one is to use Google Voice number with Project Fi or to lose it completely if you do not use it.

There won’t be any way of instructing the service to provide you a brand new number and leave your current account for Google Voice untouched. Well, this might be related to the back end and technical side of Project Fi. However, whatever the reason is, it is still considered to be a bad decision and a great downfall of Project Fi. This decision might even force some people out there to delete their Project Fi for the sake of preserving their Google Voice’s account.

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