Apple Has Changed the Applecare+ Battery Replacement Policy

Apple has changed the AppleCare+ battery replacement policy which will now allow the users to replace batteries that hold less than 80% of their original capacity for MacBooks, iPads, iPods, iPhones and Apple Watches. Earlier, iOS batteries that hold 50% of their original capacity were eligible for a free replacement. Macs are in the same boat: previously, only defective batteries were covered, not batteries that wore out over time.

Benefits of new Applecare+ Battery Replacement Policy

AppleCare+ battery replacement policy covers for the batteries in the MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, iPods and Apple Watches for two years, while the solid gold Apple Watch Edition customers get a three years warranty. Besides battery replacements, it also covers other problems with the device, including phone support and allowing users to get a low cost replacement of their device in case of accidental damage.

If users suspect that the battery of their Apple gadget is draining too fast, they should start a service request that will begin their replacement procedure. Those Apple customers who pay for AppleCare+ and wants to replace the battery will cost them somewhere between $49 and $1,500, depending on the device. For instance, users who don’t pay for AppleCare+ and want to replace the battery for the iPod touch which costs 49$ for AppleCare+ users, will have to pay $79 for it.

Apple has changed the Applecare+ battery replacement policy to make Apple’s extended warranty an attractive purchase for the people who want to buy a new Apple product. Furthermore, it may also help reduce the fears of some people having doubts about the Apple Watch’s battery life because they will be able to replace the battery if something goes wrong. The new Applecare+ Battery Replacement Policy goes into effect immediately for the new iOS devices and Macs bought after 10th April this year.

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