Apple Watch Is Incompatible to Tattooed Wrists

Apple Watch Is Incompatible to Tattooed Wrists

Apple Watch is considered to be the latest device of this year. It hit the market last Friday. Of course, a lot of people pre-ordered the product in order to be among the first ones to own this fascinating device. However, even just a few days after its release, a glitch has already been discovered!

Apple Watch is a device that should be worn on our wrist. It functions when it has close contact with the skin. The method use in order to assess the device’s proximity to your skin is your heartbeat. Nevertheless, this device seems not to function with a tattooed wrist.

Do you know how the Watch receives heartbeat signal? It is through the green LED lights it emits. This light hits the skin hundreds of times every single second. Those wrists with dark colored tattoos seem to complicate the mechanism.

Tattoo that are in colors red and black are the most complex ones. It is because these absorb the green light.

People who have tattoos in their wrist noticed how they cannot use some apps and how they do not receive notifications at all. Aside from these, they are also asked to provide their PIN codes and passwords. It is quite bothersome for them especially that they know that they are the only ones – not everyone – experiencing this kind of trouble.

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