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Apple Watch to Become a True Standalone Soon

Apple Watch went on sale on April 24, 2015, with so many lofty expectations you’d expect from any new Apple gadget.

Apple Watch
Apple Watch will soon be a true standalone.

But people get the taste of reality as it didn’t turn out to be the breakthrough gadget many were hoping for.

Because most apps feel like shrunken-down versions of what you get on your iPhone. After all, why anyone would want to squint at teeny Instagram photos?

Apple Watch Soon to Become a Breakthrough Product

Apple has announced that the developers must build all new apps with the watchOS 2 SDK that would run natively on the Apple Watch.

In this way, Apple Watch will become an independent device, a true standalone, that won’t have users tethered to their iPhones.

WatchOS 2

Apple first allowed watchOS native apps in June 2015 when it released the watchOS 2 SDK.

The watchOS 2 SDK allowed the developers more access to Apple Watch’s hardware like the Taptic Engine, Digital Crown, microphone, and loudspeaker.

How Will It Benefit The Users?

Apple Watch used to function as a quick way for its users to access or reply to information transmitted from the iPhone, like notifications and messages.

This presented a problem as it slows down the apps and the Watch has to wait for the information to be sent by the iPhone.

watchOS 2 SDK
Hope for the best.

Apps that would run natively on the Watch would eliminate these issues as the wearable would be able to do almost everything on its own.

Therefore, wearers would be able to enjoy using its features even if they forgot their iPhone at home.

What Else?

On June 13, the tech giant will be holding its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), just 2 weeks after the implementation of the new Apple Watch app requirement.

Last but not the least, the Watch’s first birthday was a little grim, but things will get rosy soon.

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