Microsoft Phones Are to Be Banned: Is It True or Not?

Microsoft Phones Are to Be Banned: Is It True or Not?

We all know that Microsoft bought Nokia a few years ago. When they bought the firm, they also took responsibility of its legal cases. One of the ongoing lawsuits faced by Microsoft resulted into an expected turn of events.

It was the InterDigital Inc. that originally filed this lawsuit. This was done so as the company violated patents of two InterDigital-owned wireless cellular phones.

The judgment of the ongoing lawsuit is definitely shocking as the judge said it would definitely not hinder the public interest to ban Microsoft imports of the alleged infringed mobile devices, which are known to be related to a certain technology that has the capacity to connect them to 3G networks.

If these alleged infringed mobile devices are to be completely banned, then it would definitely affect the sales of Microsoft in that certain region in a very bad way. It would add up to the stunted sales of the firm’s Window 10 phones. When this would happen, it would add more trouble to the company in terms of trying to make Microsoft’s division business a successful and profitable one.

However, it is still not sure whether these devices are really to be banned. In fact, it seems like InterDigital Inc is open for a continued discussion. This gives a hint that the company seems to be looking for licensing terms.

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