Apple Watch ‘Overpriced, Not Worth the Dollar,’ Mixed Reviews Revealed

Apple Watch ‘Overpriced, Not Worth the Dollar,’ Mixed Reviews Revealed

Reviews are mixed ending up with mostly negatives against the new wearable tech, the Apple Watch.  Three weeks before the much-publicized watch hits the shelves, technology and news websites take the device for a run, but come up with mixed results.

Two days before shipping begins, Apple’s press release team allows a selected few to try their latest product, but in praise of it. But while these people have done their best, actually coming up with interactive tutorials and videos, which look very news worthy and extensive, the results aren’t favorable.

Farhad Manjoo of the New York Times revealed that it was only on the fourth day when he started appreciating how the $650 wrist computer is “Bliss, but only after a Steep Learning Curve.”

“Why can’t its battery make it past 10 pm on days she exercises?” (A question raised in another review of Joanna Stern from the Wall Street Journal).

Meanwhile, Even David Pogue, who is usually taking Apple’s side, noted that this new tech watch is overpriced and asked what Apple was thinking with these high prices, on Yahoo.  He asked if Apple was hoping to illustrate these products as rarefied, exclusive and aspirational (Apple offering a $10,000 model and trying to make these watches appear like bargains for selling $350 and $550).

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