Intel Reveals its 3D Camera that can be Fitted into a Smartphone

Intel's Realsense 3D Camera

The RealSense is Intel’s latest technology that can be used to track hand and head movements. It is also possible to change the focus of the photos after the photos have been taken. At the moment Intel has unveiled their prototype in an event in China.

Many experts are saying that the device may take too much power. RealSense-enabled phone was shown as an example by Mr Krzanich but he did not demonstrate it. The phone is at an early stage.

This device was introduced to the public on stage at the Intel developer Forum was made with the help of a Chinese firm; Intel did not reveal the name of the Firm. This device is similar to the Kinect motion and image sensor by Microsoft but much smaller.

The Kinect is now not popular amongst gamers but some experts suggest that it will be a good technology for smartphones.

Intel says that they have the stage and the technology to set up these latest cameras on smartphones, they further said that the device has a large sales potential.

We’ve got to the stage where putting ever higher-resolution cameras in phones is no longer as much of a selling point as it used to be,

said Chris Green, of the Davies Murphy Group consultancy.

So manufacturers need additional features to draw on. Depth perception and light-field technology will interest people and potentially let the next generation of smartphones differentiate themselves from what is already on the market.

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