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Exciting New Era Of Green Energy Now Coming From China and France

K3OPS ushers in a new era of green energy from both China and France

The Chinese call this the Year of the Lamb, we could also add that this is the Year of the K3OPS, even if this little weird animal is not yet a species and doesn’t belongs to the animal kingdom, what they accomplished in a span of just 4 years’ time is something that will definitely change the way we power source most of all our electronic devices.

The company is exploding in Asia, the Chinese Press talk about them on every tabloid and they have quickly become the center of attention. With tens of millions of views for their simple videos shot on their smartphones, a partnership with YUAN Jun the CEO of IseFeel for home Automation and the ability to manage energy like no one else has done before, it’s no secrete why they are getting so much media attention.

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They have stopped giving explanations, feeling that their actions speak louder than their words. They have made only a few press presentations, and turned the doubters into believers.

We live in a world without symmetry. Basically, you need the same amount of Matter and antimatter. But since our universe has no more antimatter, the symmetry is no longer there. But all of the laws of physic related to symmetry tells us it permits to have simple calculations and beautiful models. As it would turn out, it was wrong. Yoichiro Nambu, Makoto Kobayashi and Toshihide Maskawa won the Physic Nobel prize in 2008 in physics for discovering the origin of the explicit breaking of CP symmetry in the weak interactions.


We know now that our math was wrong. Wei Xin uses this fact that electricity is energy, and energy can be found everywhere. Even if there is a tiny quantity of energy, as long as it is constant, you can achieve almost everything. That information has been removed by Alexandre DESPALLIERES, the company co-founder who stated: “it is irrelevant to give more details, as my partner always said; challenge me!”

To be honest, I have myself no clue about the symmetry, and even less knowledge about those quantic laws… But as long as it doesn’t harm us, and also because it’s a green source of energy, why should I know more. So many secrets, once told me that WEI Xin is an alien and ZHANG Zhen is from outer space. We talked about them often because we like them, they are close to the people and they are not an aggressive company; to the contrary, they listen to everyone. Because they want to deliver not only a green product but also qualities products, ‘Made in France’, ‘Invented in China’. They are doing exactly the opposite of all of the other companies, since those people and businesses have decided that quality needed to be a key element. “We are creating products to last” announced Wei Xin, “We will not accept an unhappy customer, so all our harvesters come with a lifetime warranty, the label ‘Made in France’ is crucial for us”.


So we have a young Chinese entrepreneur who decided to please people. This is new in all senses of the term. New since this technology is an incredible progress; new since money is not the focus of K3OPS; new because their business plan is to use most of their profit to build retirement homes for the elderly and to help children in need. Maybe we need all to realize that China is definitely a ‘human’ country.

2007 was the Year of the Apple, with the MacWorld Keynote announcement of iPhone Steve Jobs definitely changed the smart phone. iPhone, like that veteran blockbuster the iPod was quintessential Apple, a marriage of design and cutting edge technology. It recalls 2001 when the mp3 player was changed forever by the little click wheel that could.

Stick’N charge aims to be the go-to power device. Offering energy on the move and oh so cool how simplicity is this product’s philosophy. A simple Sticker. To paraphrase Steve Jobs ‘boom’ there it is.

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