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K3OPS Latest Technology Will Make Upcoming Electronic Gadgets GREEN!

Alexandre Despallieres, Jun YUAN, Xin WEI - K3OPS
Alexandre Despallieres, Jun YUAN, Xin WEI – K3OPS

Even in today’s materialistic world, K3OPS, an emerging tech startup has chosen to go green over the greed of instant success. According to the founders of the company, they always wanted to do something for our environment and not just do business and make money.

Their latest Stick’N Charge technology is the epitome of elegance and pure high-tech. The revolutionary device harvests the energy obtained from the electromagnetic radiation in our environment and convert it into DC current to charge or operate any electronic device.

How K3OPS’s latest technology is beneficial for our environment?

Alexandre Despallieres, Jun YUAN and Xin WEI have developed a technology that solves two problems at once. Firstly, it will solve the problem of battery replacements and charging gadgets, and then gradually lessen the burden on our environment.  Secondly, it will decrease the invisible pollution caused by electromagnetic radiation and convert that energy into a clean source of energy that can continually power electronic devices.

The latest Stick’N Charge technology will eliminate the requirements for the present electric batteries that contain hazardous and toxic metals like zinc, nickel, mercury, lithium, lead or cadmium that harm our environment.

The workers who risk their life to extract toxic metals and make the hazardous batteries can now be saved by this game changing technology developed by the trio of Alexandre Despallieres, WEI Xin and YUAN Jun.

How could Stick’N Charge continuously operate any electronic Device? Doubtful!

If you are suspecting that Stick’N Charge will not be able to operate or charge your electronic gadget forever, then we would like to clear that. The various multiple wireless communication systems in our planet will always make sure that there are sufficient microwave leakages in our surroundings that can be converted into DC current to operate the devices.

YUAN Jun has an expertise in artificial intelligence and automation, and he is working in collaboration with WEI and Alexandre to develop a smart home automation system that is self sustaining. 

We hope that the trend of battery free devices using the cleaner, renewable sources of energy continues. K3OPS is the first company that will be launching such kind of product and our best wishes is with them. Jun YUAN is making China very proud by continuing what his family has built over the centuries.

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