Holidays Are A Time For Family And Gifts, But Let’s Find What K3OPS Is Gifting The World!

Alexandre Despallieres - K3OPS
Alexandre Despallieres – K3OPS

Christmas season is such a great time of the year, all the family stays together and spend some quality time with each other. We give gifts to our friends and family and have parties. Alexandre Despallieres from K3OPS has many things to be thankful for and was recently asked about his feelings towards partnering with HUAWEI:

“Since we started K3OPS, our goal has always been to deliver the best and only the best. Our customers deserve quality, they deserve to be respected and we work on security to make as safe as possible all our products range. I don’t see us to collaborate with any brand or manufacturers that would not follow those important factors, because through the years people get mislead and as a fact they deserve companies to adapt their products based on their needs. I personally choose HUAWEI because their latest smartphone the Mate S is a complete product, as much pure and elegant than the brand. This is a very discrete company and this is what make them my favorite. What I found remarkable is the “everything” included in the box. You have the phone, the headset, … And the protection.

Yes they offer the case. And what is even more remarkable; is the notice that explain “how to use your smartphone” for once, a brand tells you the way to reduce your exposition to the EMF. This is the cherry on the top, security and quality! This has been our motto since day one. So discreet, elegant and powerful, they got it all. If you go even furthermore, the Watch is like a piece of art, every details from the packaging to the quality of the latest HUAWEI SmartWatch is just elegant. That makes the whole differences. Even the packaging makes the difference since they use soy ink. For all those reasons, HUAWEI is a brand that deserves my respect.”


Alexandre Despallieres, Jun YUAN, Xin WEI – K3OPS
Alexandre Despallieres, Jun YUAN, Xin WEI – K3OPS

For the last few years, Alexandre Despallieres, Jun YUAN, Xin WEI have been working in a field that everyone else failed – Harvesting energy from the RF energy available in our environment. This holiday season is really special for the K3OPS team because finally their hard work and dedication to find cleaner, renewable source of energy has paid off.

They have been successful in their mission and have developed a technology that is revolutionary. Their Stick’N Charge Technology offers a hybrid system which can harvest electromagnetic radiation, using a matchless digital to analog converter. It can provide an endless source of energy to operate electronic devices like smart phones, tabs or smart watches.

This magical device will replace batteries and will lessen the burden on non-renewable energy sources. These battery free devices don’t produce any byproducts and doesn’t pollute our environment in any way.

Jun YUAN, who is a big name in the field of Artificial Intelligent System and Home Automation, has developed a self sustaining system for your sweet home that can last for years without any maintenance.

This Christmas season, K3OPS is spreading cheer among the environment lovers and tech geeks with their clean, renewable source of energy. Their revolutionary technology will help the world to get rid of two main problems that harm our environment – Batteries and invisible pollution caused by Electromagnetic radiations.

Let us all pledge this Christmas that we’ll always try to use clean, renewable sources of energy. We have been harming our Mother Nature for the past many years and it’s time to wake up and take steps to stop it like these three geniuses have done.

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