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FastestVPN – Review 2022

In this review, I will present you with a clear picture of FastestVPN. Although it is not a brand-new VPN provider and has been running successfully in the market for more than five years.

If I talk about my experience with FastestVPN a few years back, I was not impressed because of its minimalist number of servers and features. I was like, why do we need another VPN in this crowded market.

So, what makes me write a FastestVPN product review this year?  This time I have noticed that the company has made significant improvements and added numerous new server locations, top-notch security measures, and an intuitive app interface.

What else makes them stand out in the stiff competition is the prices. You can enjoy the internet anonymously and without compromising the security of your private files at very compelling prices.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at what FastestVPN got for us.

Pros Cons
Provides solid security features So war no option to use the latest WireGuard protocol
A very pocket-friendly VPN Smart tunneling is available only for IOS users
VPN servers in 52+ locations
Built-in Ad Blocker and Anti-Malware
24/7 expeditiously fast human support service
Offers up to 10 logins simultaneously
Good range of VPN protocols

FastestVPN Product Review – Secure and Affordable

Speed test

Speed Performance

I am sure you don’t want to use a VPN that drops your internet speed badly. FastestVPN offers impressive speed especially when connected with neighboring servers. However, some of their long-distance servers were sluggish for me. Honestly speaking, it’s not just FastestVPN, even the top-performing VPNs in the market deliver somewhat inconsistent speed on distant servers. Overall, it offers a pretty decent speed, if you are not into gaming.

Server Location

If I want to access Netflix in the USA, I need to connect to a VPN’s USA server. Similarly, if you want to use a website that is only available in Germany, you need a VPN that offers a server in Germany. Fortunately, FastestVPN provides a good range of servers around the globe. From the app, you can choose between servers in 52+ locations (40+ countries).

Compatible Apps

FastestVPN offers compatible apps for almost every platform, including computers, smartphones, streaming players, web browsers, and routers, and its Chrome VPN extension is also available. All in all, it’s pretty straightforward to install the FastestVPN app on most platforms. However, it may be a little bit complex to install a VPN on the router, so they have already published handy guides on their blog.

Privacy and Security

Strong Encryption

Like any other leading VPN in the market, FastestVPN also employs 256-bit encryption. It is the maximum level of encryption and is referred to as “military-grade encryption”. In simple words, while having 256-bit encryption on your back, you don’t need to fret about the security of your sensitive data. FastestVPN secures your IP address online and never lets you get tracked by hackers and other online intruders.

Kill Switch

Kill switch

One of the main purposes of a VPN is used to hide your identity. But what if a VPN connection goes down? Without a VPN, you will no longer be anonymous on the internet. So here comes the Kill switch – the best rescuing option. It automatically disconnects your device from the internet to save your identity before it is exposed.

No Logs Policy

FastestVPN is based on Cayman Island – a self-governing territory. Though it is popular for beaches and scuba diving, it is also ideal for businesses that are concerned about their customers’ privacy. The territory is not a part of any international data-sharing alliance, so the company has no legal requirements to collect and store the customers’ data. This also strongly supports FastestVPN’s no logs policy.

NAT Firewall

NAT Firewall is one feature that is not available with many VPNs. Fortunately, FastestVPN has a built-in NAT firewall that increases your device security. The firewall filters out the malicious traffic coming toward you. Take a suggestion here, don’t take the NAT firewall as a replacement for your security app.

Smart Connect

If you are in a hurry to dive into the internet and have no time to find a good server just hit the smart connect button, and within no time, you will be connected to the best server.

How to get FastestVPN on PC/MAC

Follow my steps and this will be cake for you:

  • Launch the browser and go to the search bar
  • Type FastestVPN and hit enter
  • Here, choose the top site from the shown list
  • Once you are on the website, select the App tab
  • Here, select the PC/MAC version
  • Now hit the Download app
  • When the download completes, extract and then run it
  • Finally, click on agree > install.

How to get FastestVPN on Android/IOS

follow these three steps and you will be good to go:

  • open the play store/app store
  • Search the FastestVPN through the search bar
  • Tap the install button and wait for setup completion
  • Now launch the app

Sign up for FastestVPN

FastestVPN requires a login to use it. So here are the steps to create an account for FastestVPN:

  • Search for the FastestVPN on your browser
  • Now click on Buy Now button
  • Here, choose the plan
  • After that, fill the boxes with necessary info like email and password
  • Here, select the Payment method

24/7 Customer Support

Live chat

When it comes to customer support, I don’t want to get help from bots. Though customer support has little importance when looking for a reliable VPN, for newbies, it could be really useful. Whether you are having a hard time installing the FastestVPN app for switching between protocols, you can get help from the support team. I have used their Live Chat support multiple times and they were super-fast in responding each time.

FastestVPN Product Pricing

As soon as you go to the buy vpn page, you will be welcomed by three plans. The cheapest plan goes as low as $1.11/month which is true value for money. Whereas if you go with a one–month plan, it is quite expensive, costing you $10/month. A 1-year plan subscription is also a good choice that you can get for $2.49/month.


Doubtlessly, FastestVPN is a tight security VPN that you can grab at a mouth-watering price. It is efficient to let you stay online anonymously. Adding more, the availability of numerous server locations in US cities enables you to stream Netflix, Disney, and similar. You can enjoy buffer-free streaming. However, for gamers, it would not be a reliable choice. For everyday users who want to surf the internet anonymously and without risking the security of private files, FastestVPN is a good choice.  I believe after going through the FastestVPN product review, you will be able to decide whether it’s the best for you or not.

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