Forget 4G – We Now Have 5G!

5G Network

Researchers confirmed that high speeds have been achieved through 5G. The speed is going at 1 terabit per second and that makes this connection many thousand times faster than other connections. The technology is new and the developers are hopeful that they will be able to launch this in the mainstream market by 2018.

Many internet users are excited to hear about the concept of downloading an average movie in a matter of seconds; it’s possible to download a 1GB file in less than a second. The 5G connection is said to be 65000 times faster than 4G connections.

Many efforts are being made to get the first version of the 5G connection to the public, especially in the mobile phone segment where currently the best 4G download speed is around 15 Megabits per second (Mbps) compared to the new 5G which offers a download speed between 10 to 50 Gigabits per second (Gbps).

According to reports, scientists have developed other technologies as well by which they are hoping to exceed a connection of 1 terabit in a wireless connection. The speed maybe the same as the one experienced in fiberooptics but this technology is wireless. This means that the cost of providing this service will require minimal infrastructure when compared with fiberoptics. Another benefit that the developers are looking for is the low cost of infrastructure since with fiberoptics, the cost is very high.

Scientists are hopeful that they will be able to replicate the speed and be able to provide the service to the public; they will the first in the world to have done something like this. It remains to be seen if this could be applied in real world conditions.

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