Xiaomi sells 2m phones in 12 hours during a Fan Festival

Xiaomi Smartphones

The retail channels in India were massively expanded by Xiaomi with its mega sales bonanza after selling more than two million smart phones in a festival on Wednesday.

Xiaomi is a Chinese company and they had arranged a 12 hour festival in seven different countries in Asia. They have successfully clocked a total of 2.12 million smartphones which generated a revenue of RMB 2.08 billion, close to $350 million in 12 hours. Xiaomi was celebrating their fifth birthday and staged a ceremony to commemorate their moment, also saw more than 38,000 Mi TVs and over 770,000 smart appliances snapped up by customers.

The previous year’s best was broken by a long shot in this flash sale event. According to Xiaomi the festival staged in Malaysia, Indonesia and India were the first in five years and proved that Xiaomi has a large market in these countries. They said further that this is turning out to be a very successful e-commerce model.

Xiaomi has built strong relationships with their fans and have boosted their sales with these festivals. For Xiaomi, it’s normal to host parties and they invite a lot of fans to their events. They also believe in maintaining active forums and they like commenting and responding back to their Audience.

The company had sold more than sixty million smartphones last year and is hoping to reach the 100 million mark this year, their strategy is to build stronger relationships and remain the in the top tier.

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