The FCC Approves new Rules on Internet Governence

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Net neutrality is something that is now being seen as a victory as Chairman Tom Wheeler voted in favor of internet governance. Immediate legal action has been taken by the US telecommunication industry association and three commissioners voted in favor on the new rule.

Some people think that this is a historic moment in the internet world where communications are regulated. While some think that the regulation is positive, others think that this is not part of freedom and that the internet should be free to use.

Broadband companies are not thrilled with the decision and they think that this is a bold step by the FCC but this decision may induce uncertainty for the users and the investors. The decision is being deemed as “misguided”.

Infrastructure is an important pillar of the internet and with uncertainty, there will be more investors who will not expect a good return on their investment. There is speculation that in the future more restrictions might be placed on internet companies which makes it hard for them to stay profitable. Factors like price control and control infrastructures might be laid in the future which may stop the progress of the internet.

Verizon challenged net neutrality guidelines and the new rule is the result of that action. After courts had found that the FCC was not able to regulate internet users properly, they made a decision.

There are rumors that the internet regulation will get stricter in the future and these new trends are forcing the FCC to adapt to making some serious decisions.

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