A Computer Program that can Play Video Games

Space Invaders Video Game

A latest computer program which had taken an example from the human brain can learn, play and win video games. The computer program learned to play 49 video games. The video game console was Atari and the computer program showed the makers that it can outwit human players with ease. Half of the games it played showed average results while the other half showed that it played better than humans.

Scientists think that this is a major breakthrough in the area of artificial intelligence as the program is able to perform complex tasks. The program can actually learn, after the developers made this program, they tested the program with 49 games, the program is able to play any game, it needs a few hours for each game, it learns, it plays and starts winning.

Self-learning programs have been around for a while now but this program had changed the game, the previous programs were not used in a complex environment, this is the first time that a program could do that.

At the moment the machine has not been able to master games on more complex consoles, for example, the PlayStation 4 where the perpetual environment is complex and challenging to humans.

In 1997, many witnessed IBM’s Deep Blue, the first computer to beat a chess champion but those kinds of programs were pre-programmed and it already had an instruction manual from which it could make its decisions. This machine is different, it actually learns.

According to scientists, this is just a start, a program which can play new games and keep on learning can evolve. The concept of deep learning is now the new mantra for artificial intelligence technology.

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