In Custody After Attempted Robbery, Shootout At Shakopee Walmart

A Walmart store in Shakopee was shut down briefly on Tuesday night after a shooting in the parking lot. Police say a Craigslist transaction gone bad resulted in a man firing shots at his buyer outside the Shakopee Walmart.

It happened about 6:38 8101 Old Carriage Court. The suspect fled in a auto with another person, and the victim called 9-1-1. “Once he got cover, he pulled his gun out and fired multiple rounds at the suspect”.

The store was on lockdown for 10-20 minutes, according to police and a Wal-Mart spokesperson.

Investigators say the victim gave chase, until the suspect pulled out a firearm and pointed it at the victim. “Upon arrival, for the safety of the customers, the store was placed on lock down”, Shakopee police said in a press release.

The department is searching for a gray or silver Chevrolet Venture van with an unknown Minnesota license plate.

Tate said Shakopee PD’s swap spot is used frequently – it’s located in the parking lot, in an area that’s under direct surveillance from a camera.

Shakopee Police are asking for information regarding this incident.


Often times, public places, like parking, lots are used for Craigslist trades.

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