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Around the World: On a Solar Plane

Solar Impulse 2 first flightSolar Impulse | Revillard |

A record making flight took place in a solar plane and this aircraft took on a 12 hour fight around the world.  With Andre Borschbeg flying the plane, the plane took off from Abu Dhabi and landed in Oman after 12 hours.

In the span of five months, the solar plane will fly from continent from continent; this plane is a single seater and took off at 03:12 GMT. Though the first flight was a test it went well, there were several stops along the way, the reason was maintenance and to spread the word about clean technology.

According to the pilot Borschberg, the confidence in clean technology is still in ambiguity but this plane changes it all, this plane will enable us to cross oceans. The challenge is to fly five days and five nights in this plane, he said.

He also said that they need to train more to prepare themselves since this is a new technology or as some people like to call it – Solar evolution.

Many researchers are excited as this a fresh start for science on solar technology. According to many experts, by 2050, solar energy will be the dominant energy source for the world. In recent years, the price of solar energy fell by 70% and costs will be reduced further.

Scientists also believe that fossil fuel might have been the worst discovery mankind has ever made and are excited for the prospect of a world which runs on clean energy. This new revolution was funded by the government and now there are many people who want to fund this project.

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